I am sorry


I am sorry for the lag time on my BunBun comic pages. The computer that was connected to the big scanner broke down so no one can use it. I am trying to work out a solution.


BunBun Comic pages 1-2

Here are BunBun comic pages one and two! Each are a single story on their own, and together, they make up a whole story about BunBun. 

"I am working on a 14 part story of my BunBun and will be uploading them here to the blog. The work is on 24x18 inch watercolor paper, inked with India ink and a brush, and colored with watercolors."

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BunBun stories

Hello internet,
I am working on a 14 part story of my BunBun and will be uploading them here in a little bit. I have a good start so far. The work is 24x18 inches, so I need to scan it with special instructions. It may take more days than I anticipate to get the scans, so please bare with me. 



I recently have been thinking about color. 
On the right are two ink drawings that I used for silkscreens awhile back (on the left). 
I colored the ink drawings with markers and the silkscreens are made with drawing fluid. 
To apply the colors with the silkscreen, you must paint the drawing fluid on the screen where you want the color to be (do this for each color). Then when it dries you fill the rest of the screen with screen filler. That dries, then you wash out the drawing fluid. Then you can run that color for all of your editions! Repeat. It take one screen per color.