Moved Blog Sites

Hi everyone,

I have decided to move my blog to another name. There are a few reasons that I chose to do this. The main one is that I do not want to continue to use the name of my beloved friend and pet rabbit, BunBun in association with my art work. I feel that I don't want to continue putting her name on my things when her physical presence is no longer in my life anymore. If you did not read my blog for very long, BunBun passed away May of 2016. 

The second reason is that I don't want to end up changing the name of my blog or online presences after graduating from university, so I am doing it now. 

Please visit me on the new blog address:  http://missmiraclestarfish.blogspot.com/ 

Tara Maricle 

P.S. I will to delete the content on this blog over time


Ink Review

I got some Winsor & Newton ink (not a sponsor) and wanted to start using it but then I thought I should test it out and would like to share my results!

Winsor & Newton colored ink
*Waterproof:  No. BUT. Yes. 
Alcohol marker proof:  Yes

I noticed the ink bled when I applied watercolor over the dried ink. Though it looks like you can get cool effects with it, be aware that it will bleed when you apply water over it. HOWEVER! I applied watercolor to another piece that was let dry for several days and that experiment did bleed, but only a little bit. Not as drastically as the photo below.
I have some Copic markers (alcohol based markers) that I applied over the top of some dried ink and it didn't bleed, to my surprise.

I drew with it and it dries fairly quick and holds its pigment well when deluded with water. I only bought two colors, but they react the same. 



It's been a long time since I last posted to the blog. Been too caught up in school and enjoying my time in Japan. Also, baby foxes!

Flowers are in full bloom here and its getting warmer and warmer. BunBun has been gone for a year now and miss her a lot sometimes.


November is almost over...

Hello Internet.

I am currently abroad in Japan studying for college. It is very inspiring to have this opportunity! I won't be returning to Fairbanks until next year.