Ink Review

I got some Winsor & Newton ink (not a sponsor) and wanted to start using it but then I thought I should test it out and would like to share my results!

Winsor & Newton colored ink
*Waterproof:  No. BUT. Yes. 
Alcohol marker proof:  Yes

I noticed the ink bled when I applied watercolor over the dried ink. Though it looks like you can get cool effects with it, be aware that it will bleed when you apply water over it. HOWEVER! I applied watercolor to another piece that was let dry for several days and that experiment did bleed, but only a little bit. Not as drastically as the photo below.
I have some Copic markers (alcohol based markers) that I applied over the top of some dried ink and it didn't bleed, to my surprise.

I drew with it and it dries fairly quick and holds its pigment well when deluded with water. I only bought two colors, but they react the same. 

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