Summer Art Classes

I am taking two art classes this summer. Both started two weeks ago and are six week sessions. One intermediate drawing and one cartooning and comic art. So far it's been going well. The drawing class is a stacked class, so all levels are participating. We have been doing in class exercises, assignments, and critiques. The exercises are helpful tools that help observation, rendering, and other contributing elements to drawings. I find that I can learn something from each and apply it to my work. As an intermediate I am using color in my work and setting an example for the beginning students. 

Assignment #2 COMPLETE!

We just finished critiquing the second assignment today and are on to the next one for Thursday. I am sketching a lot, which is a very good thing. 

In the comics class I have a project of a comic,ten pages or more going from script, to pencils, to inks, then color or wash.Right now I have sixteen pages and am done with penciling. I plan to draw a colored cover and back cover, which I have not done yet, but have a plan for.

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