First Friday Gallery Reviews

Yesterday in Fairbanks was the first Friday of the month. That is when many galleries and local businesses have featured artists and their work in their shop, studio, or gallery. The openings take place 5-8pm, and depending on the business and the artist can stay up for a week to a month or more. I myself went on an adventure hoping to see many of the show openings around Fairbanks. 

Business:  Expressions in Glass
Artist:  Jose Mojica
The glass store was impressive, as I had not been there before. Jose's show was in the building's studio. Very clean. Had posters, buttons, books, and other merchandise for sale. Framing and hanging of the work was well done. Artwork was very stylistic and consistent. Mostly focusing on his comic, Jeff & Taylor, plus posters of his other works.
Most pieces were done with digital software, but some were done traditionally with ink.
Cool guy to meet and talk with. He has goals and knows where he wants to go.


Business:  Centennial Center for the Arts
Artist:  There were lots of them
Nice space for the art to be displayed in with nice lighting to match. Nice variety of artists who work in different mediums. I did not get too meet any of the exhibitors because they did not make themselves known. Most of the art there had something to do with birch trees... paintings of birch trees, ink drawings of birch trees, drawings of birch trees, photographs of birch trees, sculptures made of birch trees... 

Anyhow, as I was exiting the Alaska Land parking lot my one of my engine belts broke. So I had no choice but to return home.

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