Hello everyone! I have been so very busy with school work, so very busy... Now I am done, at least until spring semester. 
I've been thinking of putting up my own website. I know I have a long way to go, but I've designed a home page. 

There is a large featured artwork slide show, to show off the most important images, and a side menu next to it that includes links, RSS, and share buttons.  The featured gallery would go to a page where images would be displayed, (I don't know how yet) and the posts from the blog section would lead to a blog-type page.

I hope to display artwork collections, new artwork, blog posts, and sketches. I chose it to be monochrome, other than the logo, images, and links and buttons when you hover over them. That is because I wanted the website content (the artwork) to pop out more. I chose black as a background because I think it looks nice and it works well with my style. Websites with a black background are often hard to find due to the readability issue that most of those sites have, but I compensated the issue with the font size and a simple design. I also want it to be a little different from other common websites out there on the internet.

Tell me what you think. Do you think I should change?

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