It is nearing finals week here at UAF. That means that the print, pottery, and jewelry sales are coming up too! 
Friday April 29th 12-5pm at the UAF Art Department, upstairs.

There is also an art show happening at the UAF Art Department Gallery this Thursday, April 21st 5-7pm.

On another note, almost ALL of the snow is GONE in Fairbanks! We didn't get a whole lot of snow or cold weather this year. This summer might be a high FIRE season and have lots of mosquitoes... 

Senator Pete Kelly is proposing a bill that would cut $50 million from the UA budged and bring with it an anticipated 400-500 UA job cuts. The bill also would mean that UA would need to raise the tuition cost by 15%, in addition to the already planned 5% raise for next year. It has not yet been set in stone so, you can contact them/him to tell them/him how you feel about it. Alaska Dispatch News was my source and you can go there too and find out more.

BunBun is doing well. I changed her food recently, so she didn't want to eat it for several days. I was feeding her "old lady food" (high in fiber) that she really liked and the new stuff is not very different in terms of nutrition, but it smells different. SO, she won't eat it. I got some of her old lady food to mix with the new food, now she eats it. 

-Remember to not let things make you angry! If one goes about in a positive mood one's life becomes nicer!


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